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The Right Candidates Tailored for Your Business

Experience seamless candidate selection with HireGPT™, our proprietary AI-driven candidate matching product, designed to ensure you only interview candidates with the right skills and cultural fit for your company.

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Finding Quality Candidates is Challenging

Our unique approach allows us to pair dedicated recruiters to open jobs. We then add an additional layer of skills and value and matching, ensuring  that only the most qualified candidates are presented to your company.

Laila gives you the best of human recruiting and technology based.

I need a Senior
Solutions Architect

I have 15 years experience placing SSAs for MSPs

Seamlessly engage with Laila who understands MSPs and VARs specific needs.

Reduce the overall cost of recruiting and hiring technical candidates.

Scale your hiring efforts up or down as needed.

Decrease the noise in the hiring process. Your recruiter will filter through resumes and only put forth the most qualified. 

Access to diverse recruiters with experience in a variety of industries and demographics.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3



Talk to Laila to discuss the positions you are looking to fill.  Let us do the legwork of matching your needs with the right recruiters and candidates.



After learning about your needs and goals we send you five qualified candidates to review.



Select your candidate and we'll schedule the interview to get you started

Why Laila?

The Laila platform offers significant advantages over traditional staffing agencies.  

Hire the best specialty talent

Recruiters in our community specialize and have the expertise and experience your business deserves.

Access to one-of-a-kind network of technical recruiters

Our recruiters understand your problems and know how to identify, find and filter technical talent.

Only interview candidates that are a fit

Our one of a kind assessment process allows us to get you the most qualified candidates to meet your individual company needs!  One size does NOT fit all.

Make your budget go 3-4x further

Save up to 70% over the traditional staffing agency model.

With the Right People, Everything Is Possible

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