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Frequently asked questions

How do is the tech recruiter matched to my open position?
We employ a meticulous matching process to connect the most suitable tech recruiter to your open position. The matching algorithm considers various factors, including the recruiter's experience, availability, and estimated efficiency for the specific job requirements. Similar to how ride-sharing platforms match drivers based on proximity and availability, Laila strives to identify the recruiter who possesses the relevant expertise, is readily available, and is best equipped to handle the job effectively.
What are the criteria for being considered an expert tech recruiter?
To be considered an expert tech recruiter within Laila's network, recruiters must demonstrate a strong track record of successfully sourcing and placing candidates in technical roles. They undergo a rigorous vetting process, evaluating their expertise, industry knowledge, and previous experience in technical recruitment. Laila ensures that the recruiters possess the necessary skills to accurately assess candidates' technical abilities, bridging the gap between recruiting and engineering expertise.
Are there any contingency fees due after hiring a candidate?
No, Laila does not charge any contingency fees. Our fee structure is straightforward: you pay for the number of qualified interviews you wish to conduct, with a minimum requirement of 5 interviews per job. Our approach allows you the freedom to choose and hire as many candidates as you deem fit from the pool of interviewed candidates without incurring any additional costs.
Are there additional costs if I choose to hire more than one interviewed candidate?
No, there are no additional costs associated with hiring multiple candidates from the pool of interviewed candidates. Our fee structure remains the same, and you have the flexibility to hire one or all of the candidates that you interview, without incurring any extra charges.
Do I need to commit for multiple months or a certain number of positions?
Laila offers flexibility without any long-term commitments. You are not required to commit to multiple months or a specific number of positions. You can utilize our services on a per-job basis, allowing you to engage our tech recruiters and AI-powered platform as per your immediate needs.
What if I’m unsatisfied with the candidates?
At Laila, we're deeply committed to creating exceptional experiences. It's more than just a promise — it's our passion and the cornerstone of everything we do.

In the event that you are unsatisfied with the candidates presented, you have the option to file a dispute with Laila. We will take the necessary steps to rectify the situation, which may include offering a refund or providing new candidates, at no additional charge, to ensure that you receive the right candidates for your opening. Our main focus is to ensure a high-quality and effective recruitment experience for every customer.
How long does it typically take to receive candidate recommendations?
Our goal is to provide a quickest turn around while maintaining quality. On average, you can expect to start receiving qualified interviews within 3 business days after the recruiter begins working on the job requisition. Because of Laila's optimized model, which is approximately 50% faster than traditional staffing firms, the time from submission to candidate recommendations is significantly reduced.
How is Laila different from other recruitment platforms, like job boards??
Laila utilizes its proprietary AI technology, HireGPT, to streamline the recruitment process. HireGPT assists recruiters by suggesting relevant questions, evaluating candidate responses, and ensuring alignment with corporate values. This AI-powered efficiency sets Laila apart from other recruitment platforms that lack such advanced technology.
How is Laila different from staffing or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firms?
Laila differentiates from traditional staffing or RPO firms in many crucial ways. Unlike these traditional services that have limited staff, Laila provides you with access to a vast pool of experienced tech recruiters from diverse backgrounds. This breadth of expertise ensures that we can find the best fit for your unique technical requirements.

Our approach combines the specialized skills of these tech recruiters with the capabilities of our proprietary AI, HireGPT. This powerful tool actively assists recruiters throughout the recruitment process by suggesting relevant questions, providing follow-up question recommendations, and evaluating candidate responses based on your specific criteria.

The unique synergy between the human expertise of our freelance tech recruiters and the precision of HireGPT significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process. Furthermore, Laila focuses specifically on tech roles such as networking engineers, support engineers, and software developers, catering to the needs of MSPs (Managed Service Providers). This combination of wide-ranging recruiter expertise, AI-enhanced processes, and tech-focused specialism allows Laila to offer a more targeted, personalized, and effective recruitment solution for your business.
Can I review and provide feedback on the candidate submissions?
Absolutely! We encourage involvement in the candidate review process. You have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the candidates presented for an interview. Additionally, Laila conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your job posting, including a detailed assessment of your company's culture and the hiring manager's style. This evaluation helps ensure that the candidates align with your specific needs and preferences.
What level of support or assistance is available throughout the recruitment process?
We provide a high level of support throughout the recruitment process. Each customer is assigned a dedicated account representative who will be available to answer questions and address any issues that may arise. In addition, Laila sets up a dedicated Slack channel for each job requisition, granting you direct access to your account representative for seamless communication and assistance.
Are the freelance tech recruiters exclusive to Laila?
Laila's network of tech recruiters is designed to offer the ultimate flexibility to our customers. Some recruiters work exclusively with Laila, while others may also have engagements with other agencies or companies. This diversity of recruiter affiliations ensures a wide range of expertise and availability. Whether they are full-time recruiters or industry professionals who freelance as a side hustle, Laila's network consists of top-quality recruiters who are committed to providing exceptional recruitment services.
What measures does Laila take to ensure diversity and inclusion in candidate selection?
We place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the candidate selection process. Our proprietary AI, HireGPT, plays a crucial role in promoting fairness and avoiding biases during interviews. HireGPT has been trained on effective interview processes and is equipped to identify unconventional candidates who may bring unique perspectives and qualifications to the table.

We developed this technology to not only ensure consistency in candidate screenings but to help minimize the inherent human biases during the screening process. At our foundation, Laila fosters an inclusive recruitment environment.

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